The best lūau on the Kohala Coast, Finest cuisine and Hawaiian show.

An evening at the beautiful Fairmont Orchid Hawai’i enjoying the elegance and beauty of the Kohala Coast and the ambiance of the land area known as Kalahuipua’a.

Steeped in tradition and history, Kalahuipua'a is known as a gathering place for Ali'i (royalty) and special visitors. An evening at the Hawai'i Loa Lū'au is full of this same tradition of Hawaiian culture and hospitality.

Join us weekly for an evening of special memories… the finest cuisine prepared by an award winning culinary team…. An internationally renowned cast of performers sharing the stories of Hawai'i through live music and dance.

Meet the performers before the show and learn about the traditional games and cultural practices of the people. A hosted bar and a spectacular buffet dinner offer the freshest and finest ingredients found in the islands.

Story telling begins as beautiful hula dancers and talented musicians share the tales of Polynesia's brave and courageous voyagers - as they traveled to Hawai'i and established this land. Our family from Tahiti share the stories of their journey to Hawai'i, with the lively beat of the traditional toere drum. Your hosts for the evening tell the story of their home in Hawai'i with traditional hula. The influence of other cultures can be seen in the evolution of costumes and hula motions as we share unique and incredible history in this island of Hawai'i.

Grounds of Kalahuipua’a

Adjacent to the trail that was used to transport Hawai'i's royalty from 1200 - 1700 AD, Kalahuipua'a was the site where in ancient days kings would gather together and feast. Kalahuipua'a means the gathering place for chiefs. Centered around four fishponds, the area was known for its abundance in fish that were served to the ali'i (chiefs). Runners transported fish wrapped in wet limu (seaweed), over long distances, still fresh and wiggling to the chief's hale (house). These ponds once belonged to Kamehameha the Great.


Thousands of petroglyphs surround this area depicting stories of how the ancient chiefs celebrated "makahiki" (a season of harvest and a time of peace that took place between September and March), as well as the many journeys that went to and from between the southern isles of Polynesia. Today, we celebrate our kupuna or ancestors who continue the spiritual journey between the Polynesian Isles.

Check-in Desk & Parking


The Hawai'i Loa Lū'au reservations desk is located at the Plantation Estate at the Fairmont Orchid. Vouchers must be turned in for lū’au tickets at the reservations desk. Guests must have tickets to be admitted to the lū’au. Both complimentary valet parking and self parking are available at he Fairmont Orchid.

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